Just a bit about me

My first experience with teaching was when I was in secondary school, I was always very popular to explain maths and physic to my friends. Later it became my part time job when I had my son and I was not able to come back to full time job. My teaching journey as independent teacher started accidently with after school sewing club in primary school. This club started as simple club to sew soft toys from felt. That club became very popular and during third term I had already three full sewing clubs in one school. To manage it, I used my engineering skills to design and cut my felt patterns with laser machine.

I met many wonderful kids through my school clubs they inspired me and so for them I crated also coding and maths club. Suddenly my teaching became full time job. Since than I do not look back as I enjoy my new job more than ever, I could imagine.

Over the years I have taught so many wonderful children who gave me inspiration for my sewing projects designs and the way how I preprepared my teaching lesson. Everything is for children, just make them happy rather than to fulfil the teaching schedule.